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I like exploring new tools and find new ways to make my pipeline more efficient, and easier to use for me and my team.  I have worked with programmers, animators, artists, sound designers, level designers and game designers in a variety of projects  to create fun experiences for people. 

In my free time I enjoy dancing, figure skating and playing instruments  and games. I love animals and nature.


My name is Gabi and I'm a passionate 3D artist.  I enjoy learning about the world around me and finding ways to replicate it. Currently I've been working as a 3D generalist,  focusing on creating props, textures and materials to build scenes for game levels. 

-Talked to the clients to understand the idea and talked to the software designers to create a prototype for it.

- Took notes of the user experience and the most common problems that people had while using the app.

- Gave suggestions to the designers on how to implement interactions on the app based on the user feedback to prototypes.

UX Designer

Broxel Honesty Market - Exitosos Compulsivos, Broxel



- Set up shot packages with characters, cameras, environments and props required for each scene.

- Pose characters according to the reference or the storyboard and the intention of each shot

- Creating CG  creative cameras to  emphasize  the  character's movement on the shot, or de director's intention

- Ingested material from matchmove, roto  animation , previs and postvis  files to  create the shots.

- Created master scenes to keep continuity with character's, props and environment, making sure the camera angles created a balanced composition in each shot.

- Worked with other departments to troubleshoot issues and find creative solutions  to render solve specific situations.

2021 - Present

3D Layout Artist

MPC Film Montreal - Rescue Rangers, Sonic 2, Pinocchio

- Defined the artstyle and created the art considerations needed for all the assets inside of the game.

- Discussed with the art and programming team the milestones required to have a consistent pipeline.

- Modelled, textured and rigged the player character, making sure it had correct topology for animation.

-Modelled environmental assets using trim sheets, taking into consideration modularity, lighting and art style requirements.

- Imported assets inside Unity Engine, setting up models, shaders, VFX and UI elements.

2020 - 2021

Creative Director

Pest Control - Isolation Studios

SAE Institute Mexico - 2019

- Principles of animation

- Character shape understanding and line of action

- Anatomy and body language

Diploma in Drawing for Animators

Diploma in Videogame Design and Animation

- Focus on 3D pipeline for Real Time Rendering

- Honours and Presidents list

- Capstone Project Design Lead

Toronto Film School - 2021


Softwares of expertise

Unity Engine

Unreal Engine

Substance Painter

Substance Designer





3Ds Max


Download my resume here

- Create low and high poly models of the assets requested for gameplay, working from the concept art provided by the artistic team.

- Design textures for the player and the enemies models made by other artists to unify the textures for all the assets.

- Build tilable textures with variation to be used inside Unreal Engine.


3D Generalist

Codename Shifter - Catsplat Studios

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