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I wanted to start focusing in more realistic scenes, including lighting setups and high poly modeling. I chose this classroom inspired by the Unreal Environment by  Lucian Stroiny to create this environment in Blender.  I wanted to focus mainly on creating an environment that felt alive, somewhere that believably gave the feeling of humanity being around.  Thinking about what a child would do during a class and how would a teacher adapt a class for the needs of their students made me go for an environment where there is space for kids to be creative, learn different subjects, have fun and express their personalities.

I started by creating the main layout of the room, where the main props were going to be, what hero pieces did I need, what props could I instantiate and  what materials would I use. I use most of the materials from poly heaven and  3dTextures, with realistic maps that helped me create this look in the environment. I adjusted some of the maps and shaders to  make them look better inside the context, or create variations of an specific material.

Some easter eggs from the projects I have been working on 

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